Happy Thanksgiving!

November has arrived!  This is the month of giving thanks!  We will be working on some Thanksgiving projects and learning what it means to be thankful or grateful.  We will be having our Thanksgiving party on November 25th.  It will be a fun day of culture and special snacks.  Children will be able to wear traditional clothing to celebrate their heritage.  We will be learning this special song for our lesson on being thankful:

Thank You
(sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
“Thank You” are two magic words.
Say them loud so they are heard.
“Thank You” are the words we say.
We give thanks in many ways.

During the month of October, we started to work diligently on letter sounds. As you may have noticed, we are not introducing the letters in alphabetical order; instead, we are going in an order that allows the child, in their future lessons, to make many words with the letters they have learned. For example, they have learned the letter sounds of s, m, a and t so they can make words like sat, Sam and mat. We will continue introducing new letter sounds throughout the month of November.

The holiday season is coming. We have so many fun activities planned for our students. We will be learning songs and rhymes and doing arts and crafts related to Thanksgiving. This is a great opportunity to learn about our country’s history. We will be talking about Pilgrims, Native Americans and the Mayflower voyage to the Americas. In addition, we will do a project on “The First Thanksgiving” and the children will celebrate Thanksgiving with a Thanksgiving party/cultural day.

The first months of the school year have been such a success as children have settled into daily routines and schedules of the classrooms. The children all have respect and care for each other and for our school. Last month we worked on some cool science experiments. We mixed primary colors to make secondary colors, made rainbow swirls using milk, food coloring and liquid detergent and learned how to float a paper boat on top of the water.

We have now made it to the middle of the semester. The students are all working very diligently on their respective Montessori materials, all grasping many new concepts and making improvements in their handwriting. We are very proud of their progress and believe our students are making this a very successful semester so far.

Fall is a colorful season of harvest. It was a good time for the students to revisit the garden and look at our colorful harvests of fruits and vegetables. They recognized a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, banana peppers, green onions and eggplants; they also found pomegranates, persimmons and apples growing on the trees. Our students got to experience the harvest season first-handedly, observing where some of their foods come from, which satisfied their curiosity.

The children enjoyed and showed much excitement during their exploration inside and outside the school identifying herbaceous plants during September and October. This month we are starting to form different shapes out of geometric plane shapes, such as making a parallelogram using two triangles.

November will be a colorful month for us. We will investigate some characteristics of colors. Bugs and crawling creatures are subject for scrutiny this month, too. Bugs are very cooperative with us as we find some of them on our playground useful for our investigations, such as grasshoppers and rolly-pollies. We will also continue working on plants and animals, living and non-living things and incorporate shapes into our environment.


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